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Physics, Gravity Resources

Body Sensing Gravity ...

In place: The Physics of ChiRunning, Lean

Creating forward motion: See the video below

Need the details? Physics Analysis below ...

Free Body Diagrams and Subtle Fall Gait Cycle:

The Physics of ChiRunning, Lean ... Analysis


Relax, relax, relax ... Allowing the Subtle Forward Fall:

It’s Not (All) About the Lean


Reducing Resistance Points:

The Physics of ChiRunning, Momentum

Forward Lean Position Challenges ...

Leaning Too Much? At the Waist? With the Waist?:

ChiRunning Common Challenges, Lean

Other Opinions/Criticisms ...

1. "Gravity is a vertical force." This is true but hardly proves gravity cannot help you forward within a system of forces; resulting in a net force as described in the analysis above.

2. "If you fall forward/down with each step, you will eventually do a faceplant." This is clearly possible but not necessary as there are numerous ways the body/mind will recover the height lost with each step. After each subtle fall forward the lost height is recovered in preparation for the next step.

3. Assumption that the body's COM must be rising and can't be falling forward (and down). This is clearly not required as verified in video analysis showing the subtle fall gait cycle described above.

4. Assumption that a runner sinks to the lowest point at "mid-stance"; and therefore can't "fall" any lower after mid-stance. Three issues: Mid-stance means different things to different gait cycles, a high cadence does not provide enough time to sink and ... video analysis confirms this assumption does not happen in all runners (in particular in the runner who made this assumption).

5. Assumption that running velocity is constant step to step, so there can't be acceleration; and therefore no net force on the runner. Running velocity is not constant during the gait cycle. Velocity increases and decreases during different phases of each stride as described above.

6. My "fancy" treadmill says every runner pushes off." Yes, but what is pushing on the treadmill, the runner's foot or the runner's column?

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